The Appeals tab tracks an organization's appeals to their constituents (for example, direct mailings, phonathons). When a constituent donates, record the particular appeal which prompted the gift in the Appeal field on the gift record. Tracking appeals and donations as a result of those appeals, help to analyze its effectiveness.

Also refer to What are the differences between a constituent appeal and a gift appeal (BB13190)
The Appeals tab on the constituent record shows you at a glance how responsive a constituent has been to your solicitations. It tracks every attempt you made to secure a donation and shows you which ones were successful. The Appeals tab also lists gift totals for appeals to which the constituent responded. Appeals are the means you use to raise money for your organization. They can be anything from a letter, to a phonathon, to a dinner party.

If you have security rights established from the Security link of Administration, you can view, edit, and delete an appeal from this tab. However, we recommend establishing your appeals from the Appeals button in Records. Doing this helps ensure accuracy and consistency throughout your database. For more information about the Appeals tab, see the Campaign, Funds, & Appeals section, under Records, on the help file Contents tab.

If you maintain a current list of appeals on your constituents’ records, you can run reports to analyze the success of specific appeals. You can generate queries that group constituents together who have received ten appeals, for example, but have never donated a gift. These constituents can then be focused on for heavier soliciting or perhaps, for exclusion from future mailings. Tracking appeals is a good way to monitor your fundraising success and is easy to maintain. After generating your Planned Giving letter in Mail, for example, you can globally add that appeal to all the constituents who received the letter. For more information about generating appeal mailings, see the Mail section on the help file Contents tab.

For more information about using the Appeals Tab on the Constituent record, refer to Page 213 in the Constituent Data Entry Guide.