Note: Contact your system administrator for assistance before making changes on the server.

  1. If manual and scheduled backups or maintenance task do not run or nothing happens when performing one then follow the steps listed in knowledgebase solution 45271
  2. If the Blackbaud Management Console (Blackbaud Management Console) is installed on a separate server from SQL Server 2008, then you must also install the
    Microsoft  SQL Server 2005 Backwards Compatibility Components on the SQL Server.
  3. If using The Financial Edge, The Education Edge, or Blackbaud Student Information Systems versions 7.78 or The Raiser's Edge version 7.91, then you must also install the latest version of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backwards Compatibility Components on the Blackbaud Management Console server
  4. If manual and/or scheduled backups or maintenance task run but are failing or give you an error message, then select from the following Knowledgebase solutions below that best fits your issue:
  • Backup fails when scheduling a backup using the Blackbaud Management Console (SQL Server): 38442
  • Manual and scheduled backups fail: 41971
  • Backups and maintenance features fail after changing the server administrator username and password: 40402
  • Manual database back up fails: 40244
  • Manual and scheduled backups fail when using SQL Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003: 42405
  • Scheduled and manual Blackbaud Management Console maintenance tasks fail: 43686
  • Backup file size is 0 KB: 53037
  • Daily backups do not complete when selecting the Daily Backup option: 42328
  • Scheduled backups and maintenance removed or missing from Blackbaud Management Console: 44873