1. Open the gift record that needs to be refunded
  2. Adjust the gift to $0

To report on the refunds within RE, run the Constituent Giving History or the Adjusted Gifts Report to show the transaction.

NOTE: Adjusting the gift in The Raiser's Edge does not issue any money to the donor. If funds need to be returned to the donor, one of these additional steps must be taken:

  • If a credit card was used, refund from the merchant account used. For Blackbaud Merchant Services, refer to How to issue a refund in Blackbaud Merchant Services. If another merchant account was used, please consult with that service's support resources on how to issue a refund.
  • If the gift did not involve a credit card or a credit card refund cannot be issued, consult with your financial or bookkeeping area regarding how to return the funds, such as issuing a check to the donor.