Ensure the check is voided and the credit memo is unapplied.

1. Change the invoice amount using the adjustment button (if necessary).

note: If you are not changing invoice amounts or distributions, skip to Step 5.

2. Make the necessary adjustments to the invoice amount/distribution and save.

3. A screen will appear asking how to handle the credit memo.
When the 3 choice screen appears, mark the third Radio button, 'Manually adjust payment schedule'.

4. Click OK. (Click OK again, if an invoice adjustment is being made.)

5. Apply the credit on the Payments/Credits tab of the invoice.

note: If no credits appear, select 'Show applied' instead of 'Show all' from the drop-down menu above the credits grid.

6. On the Payments/Credits tab, click 'Schedule Payments' in the upper-right corner.

7. On the screen that appears, select Annually from the Payment frequency drop-down menu.

8. Click Update at the bottom of the grid on the right.

9. Change the payment frequency to Irregular and edit the grid to reflect the original due date of the invoice.

10. Click OK.

11. Note that the next scheduled payment should be for the invoice total less the credit memo.

12. Save the invoice.