There should be no major concerns when moving The Raiser's Edge to a server with a different IP address. The only thing that would need to be done is to update the appropriate DNS files on the webserver and new database server to direct the new IP to the appropriate domain. This should be a standard part of moving servers. This is assuming the IP will be the only difference while the domain name stays the same.

If there are any hyperlinks throughout the site that reference a resource by IP instead of Domain name, this may cause issues for users. A couple of key examples of hyperlinks you will want to check in preparation are: The Raiser's Edge and Custom Service in BBNC Administration > Configuration. If referenced by domain name, no update should be needed, as the new IP would still point to the same domain. If referenced by IP, you may want to go ahead and change the hyperlink entered here so it references by domain name instead.

Also check the Blackbaud NetCommunity plug-in in The Raiser's Edge. Select Options and verify that the Service URL is also referencing the correct domain and not IP.

Other situations, such as a hyperlink within a page that may be referenced by IP, may be easiest to correct as reported. The alternative option would be to review all the website content for any hyperlinks referenced by a specific IP.