This error is caused by an old DLL file being used in the operating system in conjunction with Crystal XI R1 and custom reports. Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2008 includes a newer version of this file which conflicts with what the application is expecting. To correct this error, you can remove that DLL file from its location or simply rename it.  Doing so will cause the Crystal 11 run-time to use the global system version of the library, thereby eliminating the error. To do this:
  1. Browse to the %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\bin directory.
  2. Locate the file named usp10.dll.
  3. Rename usp10.dll to ~usp10.old.
  4. If Microsoft Office is also installed, browse to %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Office10, find USP10.DLL, and rename it as well.
If the above steps fail to resolve your issue, then please review the following article: Error: Crystal 11 has stopped working - when previewing or printing a Custom Crystal Report. You may also consider recreating the affected Crystal Report.