There is a conflict in the times the teacher is scheduled to teach in multiple schools. If a teacher teaches in schools with different timetables, the report uses the times of the different school's timetable to determine conflicts.


 The cycle days fall on different calendar days for the two schools.  In order for a teacher to teach classes in both schools and not be in conflict the Cycle days for both schools have to fall on the same days.  To check this you must look at the Scheduling Calendar for each school.


  1. In Configuration, Academic years
  2. Select and open corresponding Academic year
  3. Select and open the corresponding Session
  4. Select the Scheduling Calendar tab
  5. Click on the Calendar Button the right
  6.  Review all months for the term or print each month
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the other school’s Scheduling calendar
  8.  Compare the cycle days for each school and determine which cycle days do not match