Accounts Receivable

-  The Account Distribution Report lists debit and credit amounts, created by Accounts Receivable transactions and adjustments, for accounts.

-  The Aged Accounts Receivable Report is used to list balances distributed in aging periods defined in Configuration. This report is useful in determining past due and current balances of clients.

-  The Open Item Report lists charges that have not been completely paid and the amount remaining to be paid as of a selected date.

Accounts Payable
-  The Account Distribution Report provides distribution details for transactions contained in or produced by Accounts Payable. The detail report lists all transactions and associated debits and credits by account number. The summary report shows the total debits and credits associated with each account. Adjustment transactions can also be included to further facilitate the reconciliation process.

-  The Open Invoice Report lists all unpaid invoices and unapplied credit memos for a specified date range. You can reconcile the value of open invoices listed on this report to your general ledger accounts payable summary account.

NOTE: The Open Invoice report included in the Reconciliation Report section defaults the "Base Invoice date on" to be the invoice date.  Please use the Open Invoice report within Invoice Reports should this need to be based off of Post date.