1. Open the client record, select the Relationships tab.
  2. From the action bar, click Add Relationship. The Open screen for clients appears, so you can locate the relation’s client record.
  3. After you find the client record you want to add as a relation, click Open.
    Note: The client’s name appears in the Name column of the relationships grid.
  4. In the Relationship column, select the relation’s relationship to the client. For example, “Parent”.
  5. In the Reciprocal Relationship column, select the client’s relationship to the relation. For example, “Child”.
  6. You can add notes about the relation in the Notes for <Relation> field.
  7. To open the relation’s client record, in the grid, select a relationship and click Open Relation’s Record.
  8. Save and Close.

Note: If the Payer and Client Record are different, activity will not show on both records unless there is a Charge as well as a Payment.