Create a student query and filter on the specific address type and contact type:

  1. Create a student query.
  2. On the Criteria tab select Student, Bio 1, Current Grade equals [Grade].
    And Student, Bio 1, Current Status equals [Current Status].
    And Addresses, Address type equals [Address type], such Home. 
    And Addresses, Contact information, Contact type equals [Contact type], such as email.
  3. On the Output tab select Student, Bio 1, Full Name. 
    Student, Bio 1, Current Grade. 
    Addresses, Address type. 
    Addresses, Address Line 1. 
    Addresses, City. 
    Addresses, State/Province. 
    Addresses, Zip/Postcode.
    Addresses, Contact information, Contact type. 
    Addresses, Contact information, Contact Number. 
  4. On the Sort tab select the appropriate fields to sort the query results.
  5. Select the Results tab. 

Use an export to create a list of student/applicant contact numbers or email addresses