To delete a code table:
  1. Click Config > Tables
  2. Highlight the appropriate table
  3. Delete each table entry from the table
  4. Right-click the table
  5. Select Delete Code Table

Additional Notes:
  • If the delete option is grayed out, then the selected table may be among the hard coded tables used by The Raiser's Edge. (These tables usually match field names, such as States (Province) and Constituent Codes.) "Hard-coded" means these tables are part of The Raiser's Edge itself and cannot be deleted.
  • If the delete option is grayed out for a new table just created from a new attribute added by a user, the user can see Tables, and the user does not have Supervisor rights (their RE User Name has security groups), this user should exit and sign out and log back in. The option to delete the table should be available. (Note: This does not apply to users with Supervisor rights.)
  • If the table was created by making a field a lookup under Config > Fields (where Lookup can be checked and unchecked by a user), then it cannot be deleted without changing this. Please refer to this Knowledgebase solution for more information.