1. Create a hold code that restricts students from receiving report cards.
2. Add the hold code to the appropriate student records.
3. In Mail, Forms, Report Cards, open the report card parameters.
4. On the General tab, mark the 'Include students on hold that should not receive report cards' checkbox.
5. Publish the report cards to NetClassroom for all students.

The report cards will be published to NetClassroom for the students with Hold Codes. However, when the student logs into NetClassroom and selects to view the report card, the student will receive a message regarding the hold status. If the parent of this student logs into NetClassroom they will not be able to see information for this student either. If the parent has two students - only one of whom has a Hold Code - the student with no Hold Codes should remain accessible while the one with the Hold Code should be restricted.

Once an End Date is entered on the student's record for the Hold code (dated on or before the current date), the student will be able to immediately view their report card in NetClassroom.