Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue, which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.
Try the following in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Ensure that there is no firewall blocking the connection to an Aatrix sever

      • The Aatrix Forms Updater uses standard HTTP port 80 to access the site

      • Ensure that the Aatrix Forms applications are not having access restricted by the router.  These are the applications that need to be allowed access:

        • For Updating using http on port 80 to

          • aatrixforms.exe

          • updater.exe

          • updater2.exe

          • viewer.exe

          • Verfiy that proxy server settings are not preventing the connection.  If an internet connection error occurs, a button on the error dialog will take users to the proxy server settings.  

            • These settings are also saved in the [Connection] section of settings.ini.  The following lists the relevant keys and what they control:

              • Key Description

              • FirewallHost Specify the host address for the firewall

              • FirewallPort Specify the port for the firewall

              • FirewallUser Specify the user for the firewall

              • FirewallPassword Specify the password for the firewall

              • FirewallType Specify the type of firewall

                • 0 = no firewall (default)

                • 1 = connect through a tunneling proxy using firewall port 80

                • 2 = connect through a SOCKS4 proxy using firewall port 1080

                • 3 = connect through a SOCKS5 proxy using firewall port 1080

                • ProxyPort Specify the port for the proxy

                • ProxyServer Specify the server address for the proxy

                • ProxyUser Specify the user for the proxy

                • ProxyPassword Specify the password for the proxy
                          4. Utilize the proxy server logging tool to see which IP addresses are being denied a connection when the update / install attempts to run
                • For example, the Updater2.exe Aatrix file may be attempting to access a Destination IP address range from to which would need to be open/acessible. A rule would need to be added to the proxy server to allow this access.