1. Run the Comparisons and Summaries Report
2. On the Fields Tab, select a field such as Constituent Code or State
3. On the Report Periods tab, enter the 2 time periods to compare
4. Run the Report
5. On the Last Page of the report, compare the totals for Total number of donors in each time period.


1. Create a Constituent Query
2. Criteria:
Summary Information, Summary For Gift, Total Number of Gifts greater than or equal to 1
Filter on:
Gift Date between [1st Date Range]
3. Do not select any Output or Sort
4. Run the query to get the total number of donors for the first date range
5. Repeat the above steps for the other time periods desired to compare.

Note: The report will not count pledges that were later written off in the donor total but the query will so total number of donors may vary between the report and the query options above.