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Install a server certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) on Web server, and enable SSL through Internet Service Manager on IIS. VeriSign is a popular CA (
For IIS 4.0 detailed instructions see the IIS Online Product Documentation, Chapter 5, or see Microsoft article Securing Your Site Against Intruders Q228991.

SSL is also used to encrypt all the information in both the HTTP request and HTTP response, including the URL the client is requesting, any submitted form contents (such as credit card numbers), any HTTP access authorization information (user names and passwords), and all the data returned from the server to the client.

FOR IIS 5.0: See Microsoft article Q228821 Generating a Certificate Request File Using the Certificate Wizard in IIS 5.0 ,also Q228836 Installing a New Certificate with Certificate Wizard for use in SSL\TLS.

For Windows Server 2003, additional information regarding IIS 6.0 can be found at Microsoft TechNet, Windows Server 2003 TechCenter.
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