Payroll will be calculated based on the amount shown on the schedule tab of the pay type on the employee record, therefore if a pay type with the new amount is added mid-cycle the new amount will be used for the entire pay period. To account for difference in this period the calculation must be adjusted:

1. Manually calculate the amount the employee should be paid for this pay period for the salary pay type (the old amount for 1 day plus the new amount for the remaining days in the pay period)
2. Add the pay type with the new amount to the employee record
3. Calculate Payroll
4. Go to the Activity tab of the Employee record and open the unpaid calculation
5. Double click the salary pay type to open it
6. Multiply the figure from step 1 by the number of pay periods the employee is paid per year and type that amount in the Salary field
7. Save and close the pay type
8. Save and close the calculation