In order to merge more than two queries, we will need to run the merge process multiple times. For example, if you have four queries (A, B, C, & D) and you need to merge them all together using the AND operator, you would need to:

  1. Merge A and B to make AB
  2. Merge C and D to make CD
  3. Merge AB and CD to make ABCD
If the queries to be merged are Constituent queries and will use the OR operator it is possible to use the Segment tab in Mail.

1. In Mail, open Quick Letters.

2. Mark the box to Create Output Query.

3. On the Segment tab, Check Segment Mail Run.

4. Choose the queries to merge.

5. Select File, Export. Note: you do not need to use the export file that is created. This function is needed in order to obtain the output query.

6. After the output query is named. Use this in the appropriate mailing, report, or export.