Total Given INCLUDES the following gift types:
  • Cash
  • Stock/Property
  • Gift-In-Kind
  • Pledges (net of Write-Offs)
  • MG Pledges (net of Write-offs)
  • Recurring Gift-Pay Cash
  • Other
Total Given does NOT INCLUDE the following gift types:
  • Recurring Gift
  • Planned Gift
  • Any Pay-gift type associated with a Pledge or an MG Pledge

When including both an Appeal and a Package on the Appeals tab, only gifts with BOTH the Appeal and Package will be applied to the Total Given.

When including only the Appeal name on the Appeals tab, gifts that have the Appeal (no matter if there is a Package or not) will be applied to the Total Given.

For example, let's say a constituent has the following gifts:
$100 Cash
Appeal: Spring Newsletter
Package: [blank]

$50 Cash
Appeal: Spring Newsletter
Package: Pastel

The Appeals tab would appear as follows:
Appeal                            Package          Total Given
Spring Newsletter                                     $150
Spring Newsletter           Pastel                 $50

*NOTE: To see the gifts, right-click on the appeal and select Gift Details. This shows a detailed breakdown of all the gifts given to that one appeal.