The difference between Conditional Breaks and Hard Breaks:
  • Cond (Conditional Break): This option truncates at the point where the conditional break is placed if the add/sal is too long. This option is useful for long addressees.

  • Hard Brk (Hard Break): This option automatically truncates the addressee at the point where it is placed. This is helpful for add/sals that have two names; e.g., John Doe and Jane Smith.

How to add a Conditional Break or Hard Break to an addressee/salutation:
  1. In Configuration, select the Addressee/Salutations tab
  2. Double-click on the addressee/salutation to modify
  3. In the field after which the conditional break should be, mark the Cond or Hrd Brk checkbox (The break will occur after this field)
  4. Save and close out of the addressee/salutation