When viewing the query results in the Query module, all records that would meet the criteria if you were to refresh it (or if you processed a dynamic query) are included in the results.  If using the query in any other module, the only the original records are included in the results.

Note: Although the new record is displayed in the query results, the static keys in the query remain the same. The new record(s) are NOT actually part of the static query unless you refresh the static query by selecting File, Refresh Static Query from the menu bar.

To see the original records from the static query:
  1. Create a new query

  2. In version 6, select Edit, Properties from the menu bar

    In version 7, select Tools, Query Options from the menu bar

  3. Mark the Select from query checkbox (on the Record Processing tab in The Raiser's Edge 7)

  4. Click the binoculars button and search for the original static query

  5. Click OK

  6. Select the Output tab and select any fields to include in the results

  7. Run the query to view the results