• Configure System Security:
  1. In Accounts Payable click on Administration and then Set up system security
  2. Double click on an existing security group
  3. Notice that there is a group type, if we change this to WebPurchasing this will deselect everything but Accounts Payable and only give rights to WebPurchasing
    This will give the users access to Categories, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Requisitions, and Products.
    If we do not want the users to have access to all of these records please left click on Accounts Payable and then highlight records under Accounts Payable, and click the Options button
  4. Refer to How to grant security rights for WebPortal for more information.
  • Configure Business Rules:
  1. In Accounts Payable click on Configuration and then Business Rules
  2. Click on Requisition
    There are five Business Rules for Requisitions.
    "Require a General Ledger account distribution" has three options: Never, Before each requisition line item is saved, Before each requisition line item is approved.
    "Require a vendor" has three options: Never, Before each requisition line item is saved.
    The next three Business Rules are checkboxes:
    "Allow the unit price and quantity to be edited on requisition line items."
    "Reroute updated requisitions to the beginning of the approval process after changes"
    "Allow users to change the unit price for items in their Shopping Cart"
  • Product Options:
The product category page is where you define categories and subcategories. Product categories make it easier for users to locate the products they need on the Product List page in WebPurchasing.

Define product categories in Accounts Payable:
  1. On the Configuration page, click Categories. The Categories page appears.
  2. Click New. The New Category screen appears.
  3. Note the fields to be entered, such as Name or any Subcategory names.
Define product categories in WebPurchasing:

If you do not have access to The Financial Edge, you can define categories and subcategories in WebPurchasing.
  1. Log into WebPurchasing. The Home Page appears.
  2. Under Purchasing Setup, click Categories. The Product Category page appears.
  3. On the Categories box, click the New Category. The New Category screen appears.
  4. Create the category.
  5. If needed, create a subcategory
  • Approval Rules:
Approval Rules route a requisition to the reviewers identified by an organization. The Approval Rule table is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate your needs.
  1. On the Configuration page, click Approval Rules. The Approval Rules page appears. Click New The New Approval Rule screen appears.
  2. In the Approval Rule Name field, enter the name of the approval rule, for example "IT Purchases".
    Note: Be very particular of how you name an approval rule. This is what the user sees in WebPurchasing
  3. In the Description field, enter the description of the approval rule, for example, "All IT requests needing approval".
  4. In the Approve above column, enter the requisition amount selected users can approve, for example, a selected approver can approve purchases over $100.00.
    The default amount in the first row is $0.00. Enter other amount thresholds in each following row. For example, if you enter $500.00 in the second row, reviewers on the first row can approve purchases up to $499.
  5. To select the users for this approval rule, in the Approvers column, click the binoculars. The Select Approvers screen appears. The Available approvers box lists users given approval rights in Administration for Accounts Payable.
  6. In the Available approvers box, select the approvers for this approval rule and move them to the Selected approvers box.
  7. To add the approvers to the approval rule and return to the New Approval Rule screen, click OK.
  8. To define the security groups that will have the ability to use the approval rule, click the Group Access tab. The Group Access screen appears.
  9. The Available groups box lists security groups with access to WebPurchasing.
  10. In the Available groups box, select the security groups for this approval rule and move them to the Assigned groups box.
  11. To save the approval rule, click Save and Close.
For more information, refer to the WebPortal User Guides.