Select the name default for membership cards within Config, Business Rules. In the Name Display option, select Membership. Options appear for the default addressee salutation for membership cards. The option only determines what is selected when setting up new memberships. This option when selected will not affect memberships that have already been entered or the current run of cards. To see what has actually been selected to print on the cards, try the following:

1. Open the constituent record and access the membership tab
2. Open the membership you are printing the membership card for and click the Members and Cards button
3. Choose to open the member displayed that you are printing the card for

The Name on card field should display the name exactly as it will appear on the cards. Note that this can be set up differently for each member for whom the card will print as well as differently for different memberships. Always view this piece of information if possible when setting up a new membership to verify that the correct salutation format is being selected. The default will only affect what is initially selected when adding new memberships.