The Raiser's Edge version 7.91 and higher adhere to the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). Using PA-DSS applications is one way that we can help you work towards your PCI Compliance.  This version was released in June 2009.

In order to make The Raiser's Edge compliant with PCI-DSS and PA-DSS guidelines while still allowing you to process credit card transactions, Blackbaud developed The Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS). BBPS integrates with the PA-DSS compliant versions of our software applications.

Upgrading to the PA DSS compliant version of The Raiser’s Edge will ensure that credit card information in your database is secure.  Overall PCI DSS compliance is your organization’s responsibility.  PCI DSS compliance covers all aspects of an organization including policies and procedures, network infrastructure, firewalls, hardware, and more.

General information regarding PCI DSS, including a PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaire, can be found at

Additional information about The Raiser's Edge 7.91, BBPS, and how you can become PCI DSS compliant can be found via the following resources:

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