To create the new query, perform the following steps:
    1. In Registrar's Office, select Query
    2. Click New
    3. Select Student for Query type, and Dynamic for Query format
    4. In the Criteria tab, select the following:
      • Grades > GPA > Academic Year - equals [Academic Year]
      • Grades > GPA > GPA - greater than or equal to [GPA Value]
        • Note: If using query to filter Year to Date or Cumulative GPAs, select YTD or Cumulative in place of GPA respectively
      • Grades > GPA > GPA Calculation - equals [GPA calculation]
      • Grades > GPA > Marking Column - equals [Marking Column]
      • The resulting window should look as follows:
      • User-added image
    5. On the Output tab, include any fields you wish to display when running the Query
    6. Select the Sort tab and enter any needed sorting information
    7. Click Run
    8. Click Save and name the new Query
    We can now use the new query to allow us to filter reports or exports as needed