Messages sent through Blackbaud Netcommunity cannot be recalled or cancelled, unless both criteria below are met:
  • They are scheduled with a Send After date in the future
  • The Blackbaud NetCommunity version is 6.45 or higher
In this scenario, deleting the Message from the message gallery prior to the Send After date will prevent it from being sent out.  In versions prior to 6.45 of Blackbaud NetCommunity, "sent" messages often cannot be recalled or stopped.

You can check the send after date via:
  1. Navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Click the graph icon next to the message
  3. Click Additional Information
  4. Click Properties
  5. Note the Send After Date and confirm whether or not it is in the future

*Note: If processing has already started or near the time of the Send After date, deleting may not prevent email from being sent.

**Note:  For Email Campaigns:
  • In order to delete an email campaign, you must delete the entire campaign instead of just deleting the message associated with the campaign
  • ​Deleting the target list will also prevent the email from sending
***Note: For instant messages, like eCards or acknowledgements, these are sent right away and cannot be stopped.