How to Search for a Contact 
  1. Go to Contacts on the Action Bar.  
  2. Choose Individuals.  
  3. Choose the search category, operator and value.   
  4. For additional lines with the quick Categories click Add Filter.  
  5. For additional categories click Advanced Search.  
  6. Click Search.  
  7. Click Manage next to the name that should be opened.
Note: A list of the names that appear in the search will appear on the left hand side of the window with all the results. This list can be used to scroll between the contacts that meet the search criteria.

How to edit a contact 
  1. Open the appropriate contact.  
  2. Go to the Profile tab,​
    • Note:To adjust information other than biographical choose the appropriate tab.
  3. Click the new tab under here that contains the information to be edited (Address, personal, etc.).  
  4. Click the edit icon.  
  5. Make any changes and then click Save.
How to add or delete a contact