Confirm if this is happening for all donation forms or only one donation form.
If reCAPTCHA has not yet been configured in NetCommunity, follow these steps to configure it correctly:
  1. Configure recaptcha
  2. You will be provided with public and private keys.
  3. Navigate to the NetCommunity website> Administration > Sites & Settings
  4. Select your site on the left hand side
  5. Scroll to the recaptcha area
  6. When finished, click Save

If reCAPTCHA has already been configured in NetCommunity, but you are nevertheless receiving this error, follow these steps to troubleshoot:
  1. Verify that the domain that you are currently using is the domain that you were using when you generated your reCAPTCHA keys in the above steps.
  2. Verify that you or your IT staff have not made any domain, sub-domian, SSL Certificate, or DNS changes. If changes are made to any of these things, you may need to follow the above steps again to generate new keys with reCAPTCHA.
Error: Error for site owner: Invalid domain for site key - when viewing reCAPTCHA on page