PeopleFinder is a service that helps find lost donors and constituents for your organization.  When creating a query, we recommend focusing on constituents for whom you do not have up-to-date information. For some recommendations on which records to include, please see below: 

  • Records that have solicit codes that indicate they are lost constituents
  • Records that do not have Forwardable Move as an address attribute for the preferred address, as Forwardable Move signifies that the constituent's address was updated with AddressFinder and the National Change-of-Address database (found under addresses > preferred address > attributes > specific attributes > AddressAccelerator footnotes > AddressAccelerator footnotes description.  Select this and use does not equal forwardable move.)
  •  Records with the "Constituent Has No Valid Addresses" or "Inactive" checkboxes marked (in the checkboxes at the top of the query) 
  • Records for constituents who have not given gifts in a few years (found under last gift > gift date.  Select this as less than or equal to the time frame you want to consider).