The Raiser's Edge hangs when opening constituent records

When opening a constituent record, users may notice the Raiser's Edge hanging for a few minutes before fully opening.  This occurs after the integration between RE and NetCommunity are broken.
Download and run the Remove BBNC URL From TxtBlock plug-in, which removes the URL used to determine if BBNC has been installed.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Records> Constituents 
  2. Click Open a Constituent
  3. Search and open a record
  4. RE hangs for 1-2 minutes before opening
  5. Select the Gifts tab
  6. Double-click to open a gift record
  7. Program hangs for 1-2 minutes for first few gift records open. RE won't hang after two or three gifts have been open initially.


 Duplicated in version 7.85.5026.3 ; Reported in version 7.85.5026.2

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