This total is available in a Constituent Profile Report or the Gift Summary from a constituent record.

  1. On the Profile Contents tab, select Gift Summary and any other appropriate information.
  2. Preview the report. The Years Giving appears in the Gift Summary section.

Note: This prints one constituent per page. To print multiple constituents per page, follow the instructions below.

  1. Create a Constituent export
  2. On the Output tab, select: Summary Information> Gifts> Total Number of Gifts
  3. On the Gift Criteria window, set the date range for the first year you want to include in your export
  4. Repeat for each of the following years you want to include in your export (Ex: If you want to look at the past ten years, output 'Total Number of Gifts' ten times with each of the ten possible date ranges)
  5. In Excel, use the COUNT formula to count how many columns have a value greater than 1
=COUNTIF(B2:h2, ">1")
In this example, the formula would count any columns between B2 and H2 that have a value greater than 1. The number returned by the formula would be the number of columns, or the number of years the donor has donated

If we want to find the COUNT on formulas to count how many columns have a value greater than or EQUAL TO 1, we want to use the following formula in Excel: =COUNTIF(B2:h2, ">=1")