Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

Addressee/salutations are an integral part of your database as they enable you to track how your constituents want to be addressed. Addressees/Salutations are set up on the Addressee/Salutation tab in Configuration.   Learn how to create/configure Addressees and/or Salutations as well as how to use the Initial, Comma, Conditional Break, Hard Break, Concatenate, and Smart options when formatting your Addressees/Salutations by referring to How to add or configure an addressee/salutation.  

Use the Up/Down arrows to move the Addressee/Salutation fields most commonly used to the top so they appear first on the drop down list.

To clean up the Addressee/Salutation list, first determine which types you want to delete and which types you want to change.  For example, you have these two Addressee/Salutation types and they appear to be identical:

25.  Mr. and Mrs. William Smith

37.  Mr. and Mrs. William Smith

However, when you view the Addressee/Salutation report, you notice that while both options have the following fields: Title 1, and, Spouse Title 1, First Name, Last Name; only option 37 has the Spouse Title marked via the Smart option.  You may wish to consider deleting option 25 completely.  

1.  To delete an Addressee/Salutation, highlight the Addressee/Salutation you wish to remove in Configuration > Addressee/Salutation and click Delete.

2.  If the following error message does not appear, you have successfully deleted the Addressee/Salutation type.  

2. a.  If the following error message appears:  This Addr\Sal entry cannot be deleted because it is present in one or more constituent records, refer to Error: This Addr\Sal cannot be deleted because it is present in one or more Constituent records when deleting an addressee/salutation in Configuration.  If the error message is different, search on that exact error in Knowledgebase.  

Once you complete the cleanup, repeat the steps as needed to ensure the validity of your Addressee/Salutation options in Configuration.  Add this documentation to your Standard Operating Procedures/Policies and Procedures manual to ensure your Addressee/Salutation options are documented and used consistently.  For additional information, please also review our database housekeeping practices.