Error: Error 500: Internal Server error when creating or viewing Products

Error: Error 500: Internal Server error

Recommended Solution:

1.  Edit the web site's web.config and Web.Base.config (not the web service)

2.  Go to Edit, Find, search for this string <basicHttpBinding>

3.  First line under this string

4.  Replace <binding maxBufferSize="524288" maxReceivedMessageSize="524288"

5.  Should look like the following:

<binding name="WPBinding" closeTimeout="00:01:00" openTimeout="00:01:00" receiveTimeout="00:10:00" sendTimeout="00:01:00" allowCookies="false" bypassProxyOnLocal="false" hostNameComparisonMode="StrongWildcard" maxBufferSize="524288" maxBufferPoolSize="524288" maxReceivedMessageSize="524288" messageEncoding="Text" textEncoding="utf-8" transferMode="Buffered" useDefaultWebProxy="true">


Please note that updating WebPurchasing will reset these files with the default values on update. The steps above will need to be repeated after a update of WebPortal.


 7.77.245 ; 7.77.245

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