How a split gift is considered in a report differs by report:
  • On the Campaign, Fund, or Appeal Performance Analysis reports, a split gift will be counted once in the Grand Total for each Campaign, Fund or Appeal it is split among. However, it will only be counted once in the Actual Count.
  • In Financial reports, such as the Gift Detail and Summary report, each split in a gift is counted as a single gift.
  • In Demographic and Statistical reports, the count will vary based on the field chosen. For example, if Gift Fund is selected, then each split will count as a gift (because that is how many the gift has of that field). But if another field, such as Pay Method is chosen, the gift will count just once (as a gift can only have one Pay Method).

If the report appears to be considering each split as a "gift", some reports can generate a gift output query to see the actual/unique count. (Note: Only the gift query will yield the actual/unique count. Some reports may not save a gift output query, such as all the reports in the Campaign, Funds, and Appeals Reports category, and some do not have an output query option at all, such as reports in the Demographic and Statistical Reports category.)

  1. On the General tab of the report, mark the option to create an query.
  2. If there is a drop-down for query type, select gift.
  3. Preview the report.
  4. When prompted, enter a name for the query to save. Be sure to note the name and the category (folder) where it's being saved.
  5. After the report previews, navigate to Query and open the query created in steps 1 through 4.
  6. Do not add any Criteria or Output fields. Run the query by clicking the green ! button in the top left or the Results tab. The record count is the actual/unique number of gifts from the report.