To save from MS Access to CSV (comma-delimited, ASCII format) and maintain the first row (header record) complete the following steps:
1. While on the Access Table, select File, Save as Export on the menu bar.
2. When the Save As table comes up, leave the option "To an external file or database" marked and click OK
3. Choose location to save the file and a file name ending in .csv (ex: Gift.csv) 4. Change the "Save as type" field to CSV and click on the Export button.
5. The Export Text Wizard will appear. Keep the selection of "Delimited" marked and click the Next.
6. In the "choose the delimiter that separates your fields" section, mark Comma and then check the box next to "Include Field Names on First Row." This will keep the header record associated with each column of information. Click Next.
7. The Wizard will display the location and name of where the file is being saved. If this is not correct, make any necessary changes. If it is correct, click Finish.
8. Click ok when the export has completed.
9. In Excel go to File, Open on the menu bar and open the CSV file. The document will include the header record and will be able to be imported.