PhoneFinder does the following:

    • Confirms that the phone number submitted for the screening is still valid.
    • Corrects any transposed digits in the phone number
    • Returns a new (or different) phone number for the constituent(s) screened.
    • Provides information for private numbers or constituents who have elected to be on Do Not Call lists.

    • With this information in mind, the average match rate for PhoneFinder is between 35% and 45% of the records submitted. The number of records unmatched does not mean that there is a problem with those phone numbers, but indicates that we were not able to match on the name and address, or name, address, and phone number.
      Note: PO Boxes and business addresses can be searched however their match rates are typically lower than searching a physical address.  This is due to the fact Constituents typically associate phone numbers with their home address.