Manually configure IIS for WebPurchasing:

1. Open IIS, expand Web Sites, and go to the WebPurchasing Web Application and Web Service.
2. Right-click on the WebPurchasing Application, as named in the WebPortal Configuration Tool, and choose properties.
3. On the Virtual Directory tab, under the Application settings heading, click the Create button.
4. In the Application pool selection box, choose to place the WebPurchasing Application into the FEOnline Application Pool.
5. Click OK to apply the settings to the WebPurchasing Application.

If the issue persists after completing the steps listed above:
  1. Verify, via Add/Remove Programs, that Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 Framework Components are installed. If not, manually install them via the ISSSetupPrerequisites\ folder in the WebPortal installation folder.
  2. Uninstall WebPurchasing via Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features in Control Panel and reinstall WebPurchasing.