1. Check that the import file is .csv format. Navigate to the file, right-click on it and choose Properties. Verify that the format is Comma Separated Values, not Excel.

2. If importing multiple attributes to one record (e.g. 2 attributes to one gift) and entering Attribute Import ID ensure that the IDs are unique.  If both attributes have the same Attribute Import ID and one attribute is required - the control report can show exceptions that do not apply to the import file being used.

3. Recreate the import file, starting with a new, blank spreadsheet. Do not copy and paste the affected fields/rows; enter them manually. Save this new import file.

4. Return to the import parameter file, updating the import file name/location on the General tab.

5. Perform the validation again. If the same errors recur, remove the affected rows from the import file, and validate again.

6. Create a separate import file for the affected rows, if necessary, entering all the information for these manually, update the import file location in the parameter file, and validate again.