Foreign currency processes incorrectly through Blackbaud Merchant Services and IATS

Blackbaud Merchant Services or IATS can be used to process credit card donations through The Raiser's Edge.  In order to process credit card donations using The Raiser's Edge, gifts and gift installments are entered through Batch.  When donors in one country make a donation to a Non-Profit Organization based in a different country, they use Currency Exchange to show the amount of the donation in terms of the Non-Profit Organization's local currency. 

While Currency Exchange is a helpful tool and will allow Non-Profits to keep their donation records accurate, it is just as important that the donor be charged the correct amount in terms of their local currency, not that of the Non-Profit to which they are donating.

This issue will not be addressed in version 7, but we may resolve it in a future software version.

Alternative solution:
  1. Create a separate batch for foreign donations.
  2. In the foreign donations batch, enter the donations exactly as you want IATS to process them without using Currency Exchange.
  3. Once the donations have been charged correctly by IATS, apply the Currency Exchange in the batch.
  4. Commit the batch as normal.

Note: While this requires a bit more manual effort, it will allow for IATS to charge credit cards for the correct amounts while keeping the correct amounts in your Raiser's Edge database.


 7.91.40, patch 1 ; 7.85

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