Below are the required fields for WealthPoint OnTime. If you do not track some of these fields, a column representing the field must still be present in the file. Additional fields may be submitted in the Custom Field columns. Your Data Specialist will discuss the setup process in detail with you during your scheduled set up call.

When creating an export file for our WealthPoint OnTime process, the following fields are required, but anything you submit can be matched on in our public data sources:
  1. Import ID
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. HOME Address Line 1
  5. HOME Address Line 2
  6. HOME City
  7. HOME State
  8. HOME Zip code

Please note that the file must be in comma-separated values (.CSV) format. The file name should not contain spaces or special characters and it cannot change once the automation has been completed. You will discuss whether or not you are going to submit headers with the Data Specialist upon initial setup. 
For more information about WealthPoint On-Time and instructions on purchasing this, please reference solution What is WealthPoint OnTime and how can I access the training?  (BB477626)

How to send data and other files to Blackbaud or retrieve data and other files from Blackbaud?  (BB45967), ensure your browser settings are configured properly according to our FTP requirements.