These reports pull information differently and are not meant to match. Membership Statistics by Category looks at all activity for each membership category. This report displays only changes in category. For example, a member who renews at the same level from the previous year is not a change and is not counted in the report totals. A member who drops or lapses is a change, and so that member will be included in the totals for the report.

Month/Year Statistical Analysis can include a count of new, renewed, rejoined, upgraded, downgraded, and dropped memberships. The number of members on the report is actually the number of memberships. For instance, if one constituent has three memberships, the End Members will show as three instead of one.

The Month/Year Statistical Analysis counts the number of memberships and not the number of members. Since this report counts the number of memberships, it will not necessarily match the number of members in the Membership Statistics by Category.