1. Create a .CSV spreadsheet containing the field name and email needed to send the email
    Note: The first row of the imported *.csv file must contain the field names. Blackbaud NetCommunity requires at least two fields, the email address and the name.
  2. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity
  3. Navigate to Email, Lists, and click New List.
  4. At the Select Data Source screen, select Imported Lists as the source type, and click OK
  5. Enter a Name and Description for the List.
  6. Click Browse and use the Choose File screen.  Select the comma-separated values (*.csv) file created in step 1 and click Next to import for the email list.
  7. In the Field Mapping frame, select the fields from the import file to use as the email address and recipient display name in the email list.
  8. Click Save.
Please note that the CSV file you elect to use must meet these requirements:
  1. The CSV file must have a minimum of two columns; one with a display name of the constituent, the other with the email address. 
  2. The first row (Row 1) must be made up of alphabetic characters (no numbers or special characters) for the titles of the columns.  
  3. The column which contains the display names must not contain a special character: ( ) ! @ # $ % ^ & * : ; { } [ ]
  4. The names in the display name column may not be more than 50 characters.
  5. The header (FirstName, PrimaryPhone) for each column cannot have any spaces. Example: First Name is not correct, First_Name or FirstName is correct.
  6. There may only be one email address per cell in the email address column.
This is an example of what a properly formatted, minimum content CSV file for use with Imported Lists would look like in Excel
2Johnny Blackbaudjohnny.blackbaud@blackbaud.com
3Nancy Constituentnancy.constituent@blackbaud.com