To include transactions in the 1098T processing, you must mark the "Include in 1098Ts as [ ]" checkbox on the product and billing item record.

Once you determine which billing items to included, you select how the transactions will be handled in the calculation. Your selections include qualified tuition and expenses, loans, scholarship/grants, and insurer reimbursement. Qualified tuition and expenses are fees a student is required to pay to be enrolled at your school.
Keep in mind, “qualified tuition and expenses,” will be used from a charge perspective as well as a credit perspective in the calculations. Loans are considered payments by the student because the student will have to pay back the loan. Loans need to be reported as “payments received” and not in “Scholarship/Grants.”
  1. In Administration, Generate 1098T data, click New.
  2. On the General tab, select the year to generate.
  3. Under Calculate based on, select the Amount Billed or Payments Received.
    Note: If your calculation method has changed, you must mark the checkbox that changed from the year before. This will only mark the box on the 1098T form that the calculation method has changed.
  4. Mark the appropriate checkboxes to include all other applicable student records.
  5. On the filters tab, select the appropriate filters to include the records to generate 1098T data.
  6. Click Pre-Generation Report.
  7. Review the pregeneration report and adjust any records that are exceptions.
  8. Click Generate.
Note:  Students without a Social Security Number will calculate the tax year on their record, but their print status will be set to "Exclude" when you attempt to print the 1098T form in Mail.  

For information about printing the 1098T forms, refer to How to print 1098T forms. Also refer to the Administration guide for Student Billing 7.