1. In Administration, click Update FAWEB Statuses.
  2. Select the School, Academic Year, Session, and Marking Column.
  3. In the Query name field, select the query of classes to be included.
  4. In the Update section:
    • To update posting status, mark the posting status to: checkbox, select Ready or Not Ready and if posted classes are to be included
    • To change the comment status, mark the comment status to: checkbox and select Not Ready, Ready for Review, Editing needed, or Approved
  5. To print a report of the updated class and comment statuses, mark Print control report.
  6. To create a query containing the classes and comments that were not updated during this process, mark Create exception query.
  7. Click Preprocess Report  to review the results.
  8. Click Update Now.
After making the grade book ready, users can then use the Post from FAWeb Wizard. Please refer to How to post grades, comments, or skills from Faculty Access for the Web to The Education Edge and BBSIS