A difference in project on the debit or credit side of an allocation journal entry can occur when the source distribution and destination distribution for a particular allocation type are different from each other.

For any given project listed in a pool, there could be different accounts and project distributions listed on the Default tab in the pool. To view the distribution in detail:

1. In Allocation Management, open the Pool that is being used in the Allocation.
2. Highlight the account or project row with the incorrect project distribution in the upper part of the window.
3. Select the Defaults tab at the bottom of the screen.
4. Highlight the row according to the allocation type in use
5. Once highlighted, click the transaction distribution button in the bottom left hand corner.
- To view the Source distribution project, mark the "source distribution" radio button at the top.
- To view the Destination distribution project, mark the "destination distribution" radio button at the top.
6. Correct any incorrect projects listed
7. Repeat for any other allocation types
8. Repeat for any other accounts or projects
9. Save and close the Pool.

To then update the allocation with the changes:
1. Open the allocation
2. Select the Source/Destination tab
3. At the bottom, click Refresh from pool
Note:This will overwrite any manual changes to the tab in the allocation
4. Click Ok
5. Confirm the changes were successful by highlighting the row in question and clicking the distribution button at the bottom to view the source and destination distributions
6. Save and process the allocation