Seamless Sign On uses the FAWeb and NetClassroom links defined in NetCommunity.

  1. Login to NetCommunity as Supervisor
  2. Go to Administration, Sites & settings
  3. The FAWeb and NetClassroom links need to be defined in the Education section
Note: If the Login screen appears after navigating from OCC to NetClassroom or FAWeb, check the URLs in NetCommunity and change to https://
The Login screen for NetClassroom and FAWeb may redirect to a secure site, causing this to break the SSO. 

To create a link to NetClassroom and Faculty Access for the Web in NetCommunity:
  1. Create a new part that allows linking to another page, such as the Menu or Formatted Text and Images part
  2. From the New Part screen, click the Link button
    The Create Page Link screen appears
  3. Mark Create Other Type of Link
  4. In the Type field, select “[custom]”
  5. In the URL field, select “Faculty Access for the Web” or “NetClassroom”
    Note: During the NetConnection installation, you enter the URLs for NetClassroom and Faculty Access for the Web which are written to your configuration files automatically. If the “[custom]” option does not appear in the Type field, there may be a problem with configuration.
  6. To save the link and close the Create Page Link screen, click OK. 

    Note: The Campus Page Manager part will recognize if the current user is a Faculty member or a Student and there will be a working FAWeb or NetClassroom link available there.  This link will allow for seamless sign on without any additional configuration.