1. In the Blackbaud Management Console, click Attach
  2. On the "Welcome to the Attach Database Wizard" screen, click Next
  3. On the "Select Server" screen, select the appropriate SQL Sever instance and click Next to proceed to the "Database Information" screen.
  4. Select the radio button for "from backup file (BAK or ZIP file)"
  5. Click the ellipsis button and locate your database file (.bak or .zip).
    Note: After selecting the backup file, the path to the database will be displayed on the "Database Information" screen.
  6. Complete the Database Name and Database Description fields, but do not click Next button.
  7. Click the blue "To adjust file destination(s), click here" link.
    To adjust file Destinations Image
  8. Double-click on each of the database files listed and select a valid path where you would like the database files to reside.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Complete the Attach Database Wizard as normal.

If the database files in the destination folder have already been detached from SQL Server, then you can also move these database files into a different folder or delete them (if desired) and restore your database without adjusting file destinations.