If credit should be awarded each time the course is taken, mark the option to allow the course to be taken for credit multiple times and select yes for the Repeat allowed? option.(BB520574)

If credit should not be awarded each time the course is taken, check the Business Rules for awarding credit for courses taken multiple times.(BB491354) If the most recently taken class is to be used, check the students record for a more recent enrollment. If the highest grade is to be used, check the student's record for a higher grade in the course.

If student is taking the same class in the same academic year and being awarded a letter grade  (such as Pass) that has no equivalent value and previously received a F for the class which does have an equivalent value defined then it might be necessary to define a numeric equivalent value for Pass so credits will be awarded.

If this does not resolve the issue, unenroll and reenroll the student from the course for all terms or sessions. Note that if a student is dropped from a course, grade and attendance information will be lost.