1. Create a new Constituent export with a Blackbaud Simple Mail Merge format.
  2. Select the appropriate output fields on the Output tab, such as addressee and address lines.
  3. Click Edit Merge Document on the action bar.
  4. In Word 2003, go to Tools, Letters and Mailings, Envelopes and Labels and select the Envelopes tab
    In Word 2007, go to the Mailing tab and select Envelopes.   
  5. A window should appear to include a delivery address and a return address.  Enter the return address and click Options to adjust where it is located on the envelope. 
  6. Click Add to Document.
  7. Insert your The Raiser's Edge fields into the space provided for delivery address. 
    NOTE: In Word 2007, the Insert Raiser's Edge field menu is under the Add-Ins tab.
  8. Adjust any font sizes and spacing as needed. 
  9. Click Save and Return to RE7. 
  10. Click Merge Now.