1. Export the two reports to Excel
  2. Remove the header and footers on each report
  3. On the General Ledger Report, keep the columns for post date, batch number and ID, description, debit and credit amounts
  4. On the Account Distribution Report, keep the columns for post date, batch number, line in the batch, description, debit and credit
  5. Make sure the columns on the two reports are the same. For example, if column B in the Account Distribution Report is post date, then column B on the General Ledger Report should be post date.
  6. Highlight the entire Account Distribution report in Excel and change the cell color to yellow
  7. Copy the Account Distribution Report (now yellow)  to the bottom of the General Ledger Report in Excel
  8. Sort the Excel spreadsheet by the column that contains description
  9. After sorting, the report should list transactions; one in yellow from the Account Distribution Report, one in white from the General Ledger Report.  

Instead of printing the reports and looking at them side by side, this option puts them together in one spreadsheet so that you can compare the transactions.