This error message is occurring because once a Blackbaud NetCommunity user account is created, that information is stored in the database and cannot be deleted from the database. When an account is deleted from within the Blackbaud NetCommunity Administration panel, the user account is moved to the deleted accounts section and is unavailable for public access, yet still exists within the data itself.

An example would be if a user decides to sign up for a NetCommunity account, but an administrator accidentally deletes said account. 

Therefore, attempting to re-create the account cannot be completed because the account already exist. To resolve generating this error, please select a different username or undelete the existing account (if applicable). You must have access to Users and Security in order to be able to undelete a user from NetCommunity.

To restore an account from the deleted section in NetCommunity, use the following steps:

  1. Inside NetCommunity, navigate to Users and Security and select Users.
  2. On the search tab, next to the Filter button, check the Deleted check box
  3. With the Deleted check box enabled, search for the user in question
  4. When you have located the deleted user, click on the pencil (edit) icon of that user
  5. On the users information page you will see links that say "Undelete" and "Undelete and generate a sign-up transaction"
    • If you wish to simply undelete a user, click on the Undelete link to restore the user
    • If you wish to re-generate a sign up request for a deleted user, click on the "Undelete and generate a sign-up transaction" link
  6. Once the user is undeleted, they will be available inside the Users section as an active account